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As a Leader - Coming Soon!

Fabio Rojas's album debut as a leader is soon to be released. Stay tuned.

Kevin Harris & Fabio Rojas. Contraluz

A highly interactive compilation of an original repertoire featuring the dynamic and innovating artistic talents of KEVIN HARRIS & FABIO ROJAS.

It seeks to interpret a message of curiosity, persistence, courage, and exploration.

“CONTRALUZ”, Spanish for "backlight", is an invitation to hold one’s own truths and beliefs up to a backlight, to examine the new perspectives offered from a vantage point. An invitation to imaginatively shift one’s views to see an alternative picture, reality, or truth.

In the same way that new viewpoints warrant unfolding possibilities, Harris and Rojas see this compelling project as a modern symphony that also, continuously, is unfolding.

As a Sideman

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